Adrián, Alex and Xabi part ways with Diabulus in Musica

We are very sad to announce the departure of Adrián, Álex and Xabi from Diabulus in Musica. The only reason is that they don’t feel so excited about this music style anymore, so we cannot do but respect and understand this decision. Their last show with DiM will be the release party of “Itzalen Sua” in November 30th.

Anyway, this is not the end! We knew this decision since a few months now, so we have been working with new awesome musicians to continue playing shows and making new music, then… Be ready for more powerful symphonic & modern metal in the future!! We will introduce the new members in January the 10th, when we will play another show to present the project “Itzalen Sua” in Azpeitia.

Stay tuned for more news referring the new Diabulus in Musica!!