New Band Members

Tomorrow first show with the new line-up! We are happy to tell you that the new members of DiM will rock the stage tomorrow in Tournai and on Saturday at Coq Rock. They all are awesome musicians and are looking forward to meet you all on the road! We will make an official picture soon; in the meanwhile, we will at least introduce them to you by their names 😉

Drums: David Carrica. Drummer and amazing qualified percussionist too. Some of you may know him for being the drummer of the famous Spanish band Tierra Santa.

Guitars: Alexey Kolygin. Apart from being a very talented pianist, he is also a great guitarist and growler. He is the leader of the Spanish death metal band Allowance.

Bass guitar: Odei Ochoa. Bass and also guitar player, a new talent more than ready to rock the stage with DiM!
Please welcome them to the Diabulus in Musica family!