EPK – 2022

“If the passion for classical music is mixed with the
rawest metal, the result will certainly be something like
Diabulus in Musica.”

Biography – Discography

Diabulus in Musica is a symphonic metal band that combines the elegance and passion of classical music with the aggressiveness and strength of distorted guitars reasulting in a modern and eclectic metal that merge diverse styles into something harsh, cinematic and emotional.

SECRETS (2010) – Metal Blade Records

After composing several songs and offering several concerts they decided to record their first album, “Secrets”, which would be published internationally in 2010 by the American label “Metal Blade”. The success of their first album opens the doors to international concerts and festivals that leads them to tour Europe and Mexico.

THE WANDERER (2012) – Napalm Records

In 2012 they release their second album entitled “The Wanderer” under the Austrian label “Napalm Records”. It is also published internationally. It features the appearance of Mark Jansen (founding member of Epica) and singer John Kelly (The Kelly Family). The album is presented in concert in Brussels where they also receive a prize for the best single and video clip with “Sceneries of Hope”.

ARGIA (2014) – Napalm Records

In April of 2014 its more personal CD comes to light: “Argia”, also published internationally through “Napalm Records”. They count on the collaboration of one of the greatest voices of the international rock scene, the Swedish singer Thomas Vikström (Therion). With this album they toured Europe several times including new countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, olland, France, etc … and they played in some prestigious European metal festivals.

DIRGE FOR THE ARCHONS (2016) – Napalm Records

In November 2016 they released their 4th studio album entitled “Dirge for the Archons”, again with “Napalm Records” and they got involved again in another European tour, this time as co-headliners.
The response is formidable and at the same time they head several festivals in Spain.

EUPHONIC ENTROPY (2020) – Napalm Records


After three intense years, they are finally back with probably their heaviest and most convincing album so far. Click here to read some reviews. Click the cover to watch a short video with some words of the reviewers.

The most notable event in the Diabulus in Music career was the concert held in the prestigious opera house of their city: Baluarte, in November 2015 along with the Chamber Choir of Navarra and the symphonic orchestra of the Conservatory. This concert was a musical milestone and it brought together the lovers of classical music and the ones of the most aggressive rock. Finally, Diabulus in Musica was able to play their songs live as they are conceived in their albums.


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Euphonic Entropy

“Addictive, emotional and transcendental (…) a record of high intensity that crosses metal and classical music in a passionate and impactful way”. Metal Hammer (PT)

“Quite possibly Diabulus in Musica’s best album yet, “Euphonic Entropy” is without a doubt also a contender for symphonic metal album of the year” (Battle Helm-UK)

“This record it deserves to be heard by a wider audience” (Metal-GE)

“The band’s strongest release to date (…) great step forward, consistently strong from start to finish”. (Deadrhetoric-USA)

“Surprising and innovative (…) Diabulus has once again put down a fine piece of work that is enjoying the top shelf. A must-have of 2020!” (Rockportaal-NL)

 “Magnificent symphonic disc” (Metalunderground-AT)

“The record infuses certain genre guidelines with levels of exquisite orchestral rejuvenation, eclectic arrangements, and moving attitudes that few of their contemporaries ever rival” (Metal Injection-USA)

Euphonic Entropy Scores

5/5 “Prächtiges Symphonic Scheibchen das uns DIABULUS IN MUSICA mit „Euphonic Entropy“ vorlegen”. https://www.metalunderground.at/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphon…

100/100 “Ik ben overtuigd en voor mij de maximale score”. https://rockmuzine.nl/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphoric-entro…/…

5/5 “Quite possibly Diabulus in Musica’s best album yet, “Euphonic Entropy” is without a doubt also a contender for symphonic metal album of the year…” http://battlehelm.com/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-entro…/…

9’5/10  https://www.metalsymphony.com/diabulus-in-musica-euphoric…/…

9/10 “Euphonic Entropy is an absolute monster of a symphonic metal album, delivering emotion, variety, and energy in equal parts. Every song is a mixed bag, so you can be damn sure that this album will exceed expectations. If you want modern symphonic metal done right, look no further”. https://powerthorn.com/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-entr…/…

9/10 http://metalnalata.com.br/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphoric-e…/…

87/100 https://metalfans.be/…/8513/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-ent…

8’5 “The record infuses certain genre guidelines with levels of exquisite orchestral rejuvenation, eclectic arrangements, and moving attitudes that few of their contemporaries ever rival” https://metalinjection.net/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-en…

4/5 “Euphonic Entropy” não é apenas mais um álbum de metal sinfónico, mas um registo de elevada intensidade que cruza metal e música clássica de forma apaixonante e impactante. https://metalhammer.pt/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-entropy…/

8/10 “It’s the band’s strongest release to date.Vocalist Zuberoa Aznáres shines with her range. All in all Euphonic Entropy is a great step forward for Diabulus in Musica consistently strong from start to finish”. https://deadrhetoric.com/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-ent…/

8/10 “For my first exposure to Diabulus In Musica, I was absolutely enthralled by the bravery and skill” https://musipediaofmetal.blogspot.com/…/reviews-blaze-of-pe…

7/10 DIABULUS IN MUSICA hauen mit „Euphonic Entropy“ ein gutes Album raus (…) mit dieser Platte aber trotzdem das Gehör einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit verdient. https://www.metal.de/…/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-entropy…/

3’5/5 “the melodies and rhythms are always without flaw (…) Aznárez has a distinct voice full of vigor and grace, one that never hesitates whether she soars in a Classical style or harmonizes with a simple melody”. https://crypticrock.com/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-entrop…/

3/5 https://www.stormbringer.at/reviews/15876/diabulus-in-musica-euphonic-entropy.html?fbclid=IwAR0pV7g-FcHoTYIqVPT_UEoRO-aIKx9JBd2jTuiQS8CotB9Ab4RmNr0j5Yc

6/10 “impressive classically trained vocal powers really hooked us Aznarez‘s classical abilities surely outmatch many of those glorified pros out there (…) you get godspeed, Melodic and Symphonic Metal so complex and expertly executed that it will put other metal masters in the genre to shame”. https://www.rockmusicraider.com/diabulus-in-musica-euphon…/…

Previous Album Reviews

“Argia is a mouthwatering encounter proving Diabulus In Musica as one of the essentials within symphonic metal”. (The Ringmaster Review)

“Diabulus in Musica has crafted one of the best Symphonic/Gothic Metal releases (…) Constantly evolving, they continue to refine their sound and charm the audiences”. (Infernal Masquerade)

“The listener once again recognizes Zuberoa has one of the most beautiful voices on the planet”. (Metal and High Heels)

“This is a jewel that catches the eye after being coated in the beams of a sinister moonlight …” (Screamer Magazine)

“Masterpiece. All in all, “Argia” may just be the best Symphonic Metal album of the year” (Metal Temple)

“Diabulus In Musica is one of those amazing things in life you’ve got to hear” (Codex Metallicus)

“I think this is an album that will stir emotions even in the hardest of metal hearts” (Planetmosh)

“Diabulus in Musica have taken it to a completely new level and are definitely competing for the throne of the genre” (Metal Observer)

“Absolutely brilliant, again a great discovery! I would love to see them in action! I enjoyed this well-crafted diamond! Thank you for sending this music into my life!” (Peek a Boo Magazine)

“I am greatful to have been recommended such a masterpiece” (We Love Metal)

“Such a phenomenal album, you’ll be listening to this album again and again and not get tired of it. Enough variety to keep things stimulating and with brilliant composure (…)If I could I would give this album an 11 out of 10! What a ride, what an album wow.” (We love Metal)

“Diabulus In Musica have brought out a jewel” (Albumfeeds)

“The singing of Zuberoa Aznarez proves that she is one of the better singers in the genre” (Power Of Metal)

“This album is simply brilliant, asking to let it play for hours and hours and never getting bored of it. Each time you discover new sounds, new moods, new details. It’s simply awesome, magical, topnotch crafting … There are simply not enough words to describe this Spanish wonder!” (Snooze Control)

“Diabulus In Musica proofs that it’s one of the best bands of the genre”  (United Rock Nations)

“The thirteen pieces are in no short capacity the most impressive samples of the symphonic metal style that I’ve ever experienced in my days as a metalhead (…) It’s by no means a perfect album in any way”. (Headbangers Reviews)

“They brilliantly paint vast soundscapes with the mental scenery changing with each song”. (The Metal Pit)

“the band has evolved over the years into an international Metal powerhouse that impresses and stuns with each new release”. (CrypticRock)

Live Reviews

“That today Diabulus in Musica are one of the institutions of Symphonic Metal in Europe is no accident. They had to deal with extreme heat and an early hour, but every second of their show was wonderful”. (Z-Live Rock)

“The potential and the supreme quality of which they show well deserve a greater impact in our country. In Zamora they brought out their exquisite interpretative clarity to complete a concert that few will forget and that, in addition, fit perfectly in the squad of the day”. (Z-Live!-Mariskal Rock)

“The group offered us a very careful and high-level concert”. (Iberian Warriors Metal Fest)

“Zuberoa proved to be a total frontwoman, gave a great vocal recital, connected with the public and even allowed himself the luxury of hanging the acoustic guitar and playing the transverse flute.The show exceeded my expectations”. (Siero Metal Fest)

“Live, Zuberoa’s soprano voice in particular is a stunner. She climbs up and down the scale without any problems. After 50 minutes, the powerful performance of Diabulus In Musica finally comes to an end. For me, the actual headliner was playing here”. (European Tour with Amberian Dawn- Metal Inside)

“Zuberoa’s voice was on top-notch form — the best of the night in fact. Hopefully Diabulus In Musica will come back to the UK soon; we would dearly love to have them!” (European Tour with Amberian Dawn – Seberrow.com)